5-Layer Peanut Butter, Jam and Pistachio Apple Crumble Pie

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Apple pie is the classic fall dessert. It’s a rarely-modified staple that seldom sees any flavour additions other than vanilla ice cream. And that’s OK. Sometimes, the classics are best left as is. They’re classics for a reason, after all. But other times, the classics can benefit from a little something extra. In the kitchen of a nutritionist is where they’re modified in good…

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Apple Fritter Pancakes

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These are amazing. Every day for a month amazing. Actually…maybe even breakfast for dinner amazing.  I love how the apple is equally dispersed throughout the pancakes.  And the batter is moist, tastes like soft apple cake…or fritter. Yum. In most restaurants, apple pancakes are just plain pancakes covered in gooey sugary apple.  Not these!  Built-in apple is the way to…

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Pumpkin Apple Pie in a jar with Marzipan Creme

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This is the best pie combination ever!  Especially for fall. First order of business: Christine MacLeod is the lucky winner of the brownie giveaway!   Back to the pie. Canadians can throw this together easily for tomorrow (or today, depending on when you’re reading).  Americans have Thanksgiving in November.  So you can eat this many times before Thanksgiving!  I think it’s…

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Green Apple Pie Smoothie

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This has been my go-to smoothie lately!  I’ve think I’ve had it a few times a week recently.  I love a green smoothie when I’m in a rush, or when I’m a little low energy.  It’s pretty flexible and awesome. I have to say, though, that when it comes to green smoothies, I love the ones that are secretly green.  This…

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Gimme a Hand, It’s Pie Time

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Hand pie time, that is.  There’s something satisfying about a hand pie.  Maybe it’s that it’s all yours, and you don’t have to share.  Maybe that it’s portable (I did have one on a rush out the door this week). I am pretty darn happy about this crust…especially considering it contains no butter!  The secret is chilling some coconut oil. …

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