Simply Sweet Vanilla Coconut Ice Cream Sandwiches

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It may be first day of fall in a couple weeks, but it CERTAINLY doesn’t feel like it. While we definitely don’t believe you need a hot summer day to indulge in this absolutely timeless treat (do it all fall if you fancy, we say), this intense heat wave and seemingly never-ending humidity has sparked an urgent craving for ice cream. There’s nothing quite…

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Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Hello, hello!  Happy first day of summer! In Toronto it’s been pretty summery for a few weeks now, but it’s nice that it’s now official.  I had a bunch of fresh strawberries waiting to be used so I made these cookies.  They’re sweet with a little tartness from the strawberries, and completely delicious!  Super moist and chewy, and remind me…

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Chocolate Almond Lace Cookie Sandwiches with Raspberry Filling

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Valentine’s Day is coming up! It’s always nice to make something for a significant other, or your friends! Of course, in keeping with the theme, pink foods come to mind.  My fiancé loves raspberry, so I’ve made raspberry cookie sandwiches. And they are good. Better than any box of chocolates.  Rich and smooth and very raspberry.  If you assemble all…

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Lemon Lavender Linzer Cookies

Lemon Lavender Linzer Cookies

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Lemon lavender linzer cookies. I love a good alliteration. These are delicate and have a nice complex and delicious combination of flavours!  They’re like those peak freans cookies, but way better.  Do you remember those cookies?  I used to eat the outside of the top layer first, then the icing, then the bottom cookie, and I’d eat the center last.  …

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Healthy Macarons

Chocolate Espresso French Macarons

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If you don’t like things that are too sugary sweet, then these are for you.  If you like dark chocolate and coffee, you will love these.  I’d never made maracons before…and though they always look extremely pretty, they’re a little too sweet for me.  Until now. These are super crunchy and delicious!  Just don’t have too many…and don’t have them…

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Healthy Pirate Cookie Copycats

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Everyone always asks for chewy cookies, and I’ve done those.  Usually, that is what I want.  But recently I just wanted a crunchy cookie.  Something not too sweet…PEANUT BUTTER!  I’ve seen some awesome looking sandwich cookies around the blog world lately, and wanted to take a crack at my own version. I haven’t been one to buy boxed cookies in…

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Gingerbread Cookies and Trees coated in Chocolate and Almond Slices

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I’m all about trees this year. I think I’ve had tree envy for years, being Jewish and all. But my boyfriend isn’t, so he gets Christmas…and gives me an excuse to embrace trees. It’s nice because we never have to choose between families for holidays, we get them all! So when it comes to Christmas, what I’ve been most jealous…

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Almond Macadamia “Kiss” Cookies

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These cookies are inspired by those classic peanut butter cookies with the Hershey kisses in them. However, I put quite a few spins on them.  I changed most of the ingredients, giving them a healthy twist, without compromising on taste!  These are super melty and soft…mmmm. I’ve used a few ingredients that might not be in your pantry, but they’re…

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Homemade roll of Ginger Molasses Cookie Dough–Who needs Pillsbury?

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There is definitely something to be said for convenience.  Everyone’s bought a roll of Pillsbury cookie dough at some point in time.  But it’s not healthy…and it’s not homemade.  It is definitely not the best cookie you or I can make! Sometimes you’ve got time for homemade, and sometimes you don’t.  Take advantage of the times when you have time…

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