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5-Layer Peanut Butter, Jam and Pistachio Apple Crumble Pie

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Apple pie is the classic fall dessert. It’s a rarely-modified staple that seldom sees any flavour additions other than vanilla ice cream. And that’s OK. Sometimes, the classics are best left as is. They’re classics for a reason, after all. But other times, the classics can benefit from a little something extra. In the kitchen of a nutritionist is where they’re modified in good…

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Simply Sweet Vanilla Coconut Ice Cream Sandwiches

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It may be first day of fall in a couple weeks, but it CERTAINLY doesn’t feel like it. While we definitely don’t believe you need a hot summer day to indulge in this absolutely timeless treat (do it all fall if you fancy, we say), this intense heat wave and seemingly never-ending humidity has sparked an urgent craving for ice cream. There’s nothing quite…

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The Lazy Elvis Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream Sundae

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During his post-prime years, Elvis earned a reputation for his peanut butter and banana cravings, a signature quirk that became part of his legacy. He may have been a little… unrefined in his snack preferences, but the king was not dumb. This combination is just the bomb, any way you prep it. When peanut butter and banana come together in a sandwich, a baked good,…

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Good for you Granola

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Today I present Granola- lightened up!  Often granola is loaded with sugar, and here I’ve taken that down a notch, but I definitely find it sweet enough for me.   This is a recipe perfect for a lazy Sunday morning.  It fills the house with delicious aromas…and you do need to bake it for some time…maybe while watching a movie…

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Chocolate Bars that will Change Your Life

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Happy Halloween!  Time to revolutionize the chocolate bar. These bars turn chocolate into an amazing superfood. They reinvent chocolate as a food group unto itself.  Packed with superfoods…all raw, making them really potent! I was inspired by the $20 chocolate bars made by living libations.  I purchase some essential oils from them, and just had to try the chocolate bar…

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Spiced Chocolate Avocado Pudding

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Depending on how much time you spend in the healthy food blogosphere avocado in a DESSERT might be foreign.  But think about how creamy avocado can be…that’s where it’s magic lies. Not only is it great to throw some avocado into a smoothie for great creamy texture, and healthy fats, but you can make a delicious pudding! Even though I…

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Strawberry Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

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A week and a half ago I went strawberry picking for the first time. Together, Cam and I picked a whole bucket.  It didn’t take very long, actually.  This seemed like a lot of stawberries to us, but we saw many people leaving with 2 buckets per person. This $23 bucket got us pretty far.  Since then I made strawberry…

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Citrus Chia Seed Quinoa Loaf

Citrus Chia Seed Quinoa Loaf

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This is a hearty loaf that you can take with you on the run.  It’s delicious, satisfying, and guilt-free!  It also packs a superfood punch, with lots of vitamin rich citrus zest, ginger, chia and quinoa.  It’s gluten-free, and even grain-free.  It’s dense, filling, and based off a pound cake recipe from the Vitamix cookbook…but I’ve replaced most of the…

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Superfood Kale Stuffed Zucchini Waffles

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If you’re going to sneak veggies into something, go all the way.  I was really inspired by this recipe by Spabettie.  It was one of the reasons I wanted a waffle maker. Did you know that kale is the most nutrient dense food?  Learn to love it. It’s so hearty, that it’s good for stuffing things with, because it really…

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Mango Coconut Waffles with Banana Syrup

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As soon as it’s really winter, it’s time to pretend it’s not.  At least in my kitchen.  While I love eating local, and enjoying the farmer’s markets when they’re on, I also love that we’ve got access to all kinds of produce year round. First snow on the ground meant skating and taking a crazy winter run in a foot…

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