A little preview of things to come in April

First off, I’d like to thank coffeehousehopper for nominating me for a Liebster Award!  I hadn’t actually heard of these before, but it’s flattering nonetheless.  It always makes my day when I hear I’m a regular on someone’s reading list, to say the least, so thank you!  It may take me a little while to post a bit more detail on that topic.

Things have been busy with a crazy big final coming up, lots of working and kicking peoples’ butts as a trainer, and some spring cleaning…and spring acquiring (a friend leaving the country=lots of cheap kitchen stuff for me!).  Despite the blog being more quiet than usual, the kitchen has been pretty inspired. So inspired.  For easter. You see, I get a little jealous when I look at pretty cakes that are brightly colored.  I know it’s not good for me, but damn, I’m a visual person…so I had to tackle it.  Colourful food, not food coloring!  Or coloring with your food.  It’s not nice to play with your food, but is it okay to colour with it?  I think so!  Here’s a preview!

I’ve also been having some fun with plantains, which seem to have become a staple around here:


Then there have been days where you do something creative with leftover risotto…

Yup.  My little notebook of recipe ideas is bursting at the seems, so please come back to check these out, and more!

Also, if you do like what you see, or even go as far as to try it, please do come back and let me know the verdict, and if it’s great, please tell everyone you know to try it 🙂  Okay? Okay!  Thanks for reading!

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