100th Post and a Special Announcement

I can’t believe I’ve reached my 100th post!  In a way, I can’t believe I haven’t been doing this longer…what did I do without this blog?  Lots of improvising in the kitchen, with no results I could replicate.  That’s a good thing a blog, it forces you to write everything down.

First, I have to thank everyone who read and interacts with me here, or tells me that they read it when they run into me in person–that means so much to me.  If I was writing into the empty void of the internet with no response, I’m not sure how far I’d get!

So over this past…year or so, I’ve really got addicted to this recipe writing/developing/testing/photographing/sharing thing.  Really, it’s pretty much my favorite thing to do. As you may know, I’m studying to be a nutritionist, so that gives me a little cred–a little healthy food cred? Perhaps a little shockingly healthy food cred? I hope so!  Because here comes my announcement…

I am officially open for business!

The more I’ve got into this whole recipe development healthy food thing, the more I seem to talk about it…and the more I am realizing how nobody seems to be filling the void for decadent tasting,  good for you, shockingly healthy desserts, certainly not in Toronto where I’ve been looking around!

Now I can’t have that. Everyone should have access to that. And know what, if they’ve got food allergies and sensitivities, I think they should have awesome dessert options too. No health-washing, just aweesome desserts made of actual food.

There will be an addition of a “services” page around here in the near future where you can custom order those brownies shown above if you’re in the GTA and want to pick them up downtown.  In the meantime, feel free to shoot me an email if you’re interested in rates laurenbreuer (at) gmail.com

Don’t worry, I’ll keep bringing regular recipes, and I’ll have one in my next post. I’m also in a symptomatology class right now, which will make for lots of interesting info–down to the diagnosis phase! On top of that, I’m taking a holistic food prep course as well–which means more awesome nutritional knowledge! Yay!

So thank you for reading, and thank you for appreciating my creative creations, and for believing you don’t need refined sugar or grains to have refined tastebuds.

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