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Lately, we’ve been on a quest to find some of Canada’s most inspiring health, wellness and fitness leaders and share what they’re doing to make the world a healthier place (or more *shockingly healthy* place, should we say?) Our interview series starts with Morgan Kate; an inspiring health and fitness enthusiast who is busy changing lives (and sculpting bods) in Hamilton, Ontario. Morgan is a fierce entrepreneur with a female-centric business that centers around Functional Training and Body Specific Nutrition. We caught up with Morgan to see what insights she had to share about running a health and wellness-centered business and living your healthiest life:

SH: Morgan, can you tell us a little bit about what you’ve been up to lately in the health and fitness world?

Morgan: Lately, you can find me leading and facilitating amazing women towards happier and healthier lifestyles. I do this through fitness. I own and operate my own specialty training facility that specializes in women’s fitness. I am on a mission to change the way women do fitness.

SH: That’s awesome. I think it would help us to get a better understanding of where you got started. How did you begin your health and wellness journey?

Morgan: My fitness journey began over 10 years ago when I was frustrated about living a life where I felt like a hostage in my own body. It was an unhealthier time for me and enough was enough. I kicked into gear. Started being an advocate for myself. I lost 65lbs and took control back over my life. In that process, a passion and a purpose were born.

SH: That’s really inspiring. What do you love about helping people to live well? What’s your favourite part about running your business? 

Morgan: I love watching people reveal their power. It is so exciting to help women ignite that fire that is just waiting to light up inside of them. What makes it even more exciting is that I get to do that in my very own space. It is really magical building a community of like-minded women.

SH: Love it. What do you know now that you didn’t know five years ago (but wish you did) about nutrition, wellness or fitness? 

Morgan: That it is doesn’t have to be complicated. If it is, then you just haven’t found the right method for you. Nutrition and fitness are not punishments for what your body can’t do, or what it has become. Making the right nutrition and fitness choices are actually an opportunity to celebrate what your body *can* do and what it can become. If you are feeling frustrated, unmotivated, restricted or overwhelmed… just be flexible and continue to try new things.

SH: Awesome advice! As a busy entrepreneur, how do you find the time to balance the things that matter in your life?

Morgan: Establishing boundaries. If I do not value my own time, I cannot expect anyone else to. Each day, I make time for my business, my clients, my family and myself. I stick to my guns and my schedule and the time I have committed to each. All fuel the other. So, it has become a necessity for me to maintain the busy life that I love to live.

SH: Awesome! What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you as a health and fitness business owner?

Morgan: 5:30am starts come with 4am wake-up calls. Dressing in the dark has some challenges. One too many times, I have shown up with my clothes inside out or backward. I have also been known to show up with half my face on. It is a really great look sporting only one eye with mascara on! It’s even funnier how much of the day you go through before someone finally tells you. So, I guess what’s funniest is how many clients have politely giggled at my expense over the years.

SH: If there was a dessert that you wish there was a healthier version of out there, what would it be and why?

Morgan: A brownie but you already solved that! Give me all the brownies!

(SH: We swear we didn’t tell her to say that!)

SH: Who are your wellness crushes? Why?

Morgan: I am a big fan of James Smith PT. I like his direct and transparent approach to fitness. I also really enjoy that even as a male PT, he really takes the time to learn how fitness for women is different. It also helps that he is hilarious! (Find James Smith PT here: @jamessmithpt)

SH: We’ll have to check him out! Can you leave us with some inspiring words for those out there trying to kickstart their health and wellness journeys?

MorganBe patient. Things don’t happen overnight. Take it one workout, one pound at a time. Small tweaks and efforts will build your consistency. Consistency will be the key to producing those big changes you are looking for.

SH: Thank you, Morgan!

Thanks so much to Morgan for giving us the opportunity to interview her. Please follow her on Instagram (@morgankatefitness) for more inspiring fitness content and for info about her awesome fitness biz!

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