I like a challenge, and I’d like to give back to you readers.  I’ve done crazy things like a healthy Reese-inspired cake,  remember?

This baby’s got no refined sugar, and no butter.  Hello, awesome cake! There was also a mini version:

I like making crazy things that don’t seem healthy, but manage to be good for you.  So what I’m asking, is for YOU to challenge me to make-over some decadent dish or dessert that you love, but is not presently good for you. 

How this is going to work:

  1. Comment on this post, and let me know the following: 
    1. Original product/recipe you would like me to makeover.
    2. Any specific ingredients you would like me to omit, or change (if you want something this specific).
    3. Any dietary restrictions you’d like me to accommodate (again, if you’re looking for something this specific).
      1. If you’re not looking to avoid anything specific, but just want to go from “unhealthy” to “healthy”, that’s fine too.
  2. If you share this post on facebook, and comment on your facebook the post what you’ve challenged me, that would also be super awesome!  Encourage your friends to challenge me too!
  3. You can also share this on Twitter @CravingsGoneCle, and announce your challenge, and let me know.

How I will choose the winner:

I will judge the entries based on a combination of what I find most challenging, what sounds the most appetizing…and a little bit of who shares the challenge the most.

What you win:

An awesome easy to follow recipe that tastes decadent, is GOOD for you, fills a little void in your heart, and tastes amazing.  This might just be the recipe that wins the heart of the one you love.  Really, it could be.

Happy challenging! And thanks in advance for playing!

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  • Miguel Huber says:

    Id like to know how to do a chocolate peanut butter milk shake that can be a protein shake and that its not too heavy! Good luck! oh and also how to cook a entire chicken without using too much oil and make it as healthy as posible using some lemon and maybe marinating it (= Thanks!!

  • Ok – I’ve been thinking about this ALL day! Here is what I have come up with:
    1. Pecan Pie – without that goopy corn syrup filling.
    2. Moussaka – lightened up
    3. Cinnamon Rolls – alternative like only you can do
    4. Tamales – because I want to learn how to make them.
    5. Something with broccoli that is actually appetizing.

    Hope at least one of the ideas inspires you!

    • As you’ve seen, I’ve chosen the cinnamon roll challenge! Thanks for reminding me that I’ve wanted to do that forever!

      I am waiting on some dough to rise as we speak (and crossing my fingers that it does!).

      I also like the idea of the pecan pie, because I agree–it would be great to have one that is less goeey. I actually don’t think I’ve had tamales before…so I guess that’s on the list of things to try for now. I’ve been eating a spicy creamy pasta dish all week that involves broccoli, just didn’t have time to shoot it, but that can come in the near future as well!

  • Sarah Swire says:

    Hey! I’m constantly looking for a delicious baked good (more on the sweet breakfast side) that’s:
    -chocolate/cocao free
    -banana free/sugar free
    -low in fat or fat free

    quite a list! but if not a new recipe a link to some you may know?
    Thank you! Your blog is so exciting and inspiring!

    • Hi Sarah! Thanks for stopping by. That would be quite the challenge! I think anything involving almond meal would work. Were you looking for something with stevia (if you wanted something sweet tasting)? I generally do opt for dates or bananas to sweeten, but I noticed that’s not on the list for this. If you look for paleo recipes you might find something, as they are grain free.

  • Stephanie says:

    I la-la-la-love shortbread cookies.
    Big problem though, all that butter, all that refined sugar, even all the fakey white flour.

    That’s my challenge: crumbly delicious shortbread without butter, refined sugar, and maybe while you’re at it–gluten free?

    • Damn, that would be tough! That’s one of the things I have thought of in the past, but dismissed for the same reason you mentioned: oh the butter! Maybe something with coconut oil could be functional, but this would be tough. Maybe we should experiment with this on Sunday…I used to love those toblerone shortbread cookies they have at some coffee shops. Hmm…

  • Was just recommended your site by a friend and am looking forward to checking it out! But thought I would add an item just in case you’d like more!

    Homemade crunchy breakfast cereal that is gluten free, tastes good with a milk alternative, and does not require agave nectar (so expensive!).

  • Hi Chelsea! So glad you found the blog! I’ve actually never made homemade breakfast cereal before, have you? I think that would be pretty challenging! I recently heard that the Kashi cereals are GMO, so I suppose homemade is now necessary.

    Funny thing is, I grew up eating tonnes of boxed cereals (cinnamon toast crunch, and reese peanut butter cups were my faves) but now I’m much more of a cooked hot breakfast person. I like dry cereal to snack on, though. What’s your favorite cereal?

  • Hi! Well the only “cereal” I’ve made is granola, tried various recipes, and loved them… but would have no idea how to make one without oats (in case of cross contamination – I’ve read those sensitive to gluten should be careful though am no expert in this area). We are looking to go gluten free (experimenting) and was just wondering it it would be possible to make a breakfast cereal without oats hehe. But I will look forward to browsing your other breakfast recipes for ideas!

  • Halie says:

    I am not sure if the challenge is still on, but if so, I would love to see some of those sugar cookies that they have at the store (you know the lofthouse ones with tons of sugar, butter and white flour), only healthy! I recently (this morning, actually) made your sweet potato donuts and they are delicious!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Halie. The challenge is off for now. I posted some cinnamon buns for the winning suggestion. I’m so glad you tried the sweet potato donuts and liked them! It’s been awhile, I should make them again 😉 Shortbread would be quite the challenge! With pretty much every ingredient not being on my list of things to use, haha! Maybe sometime…

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