No-Bake Dairy Free Shockingly Healthy Chocolate Cheesecake – Live TV Debut!

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Cheesecake is one of those desserts that people REALLY, REALLY love. Can you blame them? The delicious, tender crust, the sweet, creamy tang of the cheese filling, and the endless possibilities for toppings.  Just give me a slice already! But did you know that way back in history, cheesecake was actually considered a great source of energy?! There’s even evidence that…

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Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Hello, hello!  Happy first day of summer! In Toronto it’s been pretty summery for a few weeks now, but it’s nice that it’s now official.  I had a bunch of fresh strawberries waiting to be used so I made these cookies.  They’re sweet with a little tartness from the strawberries, and completely delicious!  Super moist and chewy, and remind me…

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Chocolate Almond Lace Cookie Sandwiches with Raspberry Filling

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Valentine’s Day is coming up! It’s always nice to make something for a significant other, or your friends! Of course, in keeping with the theme, pink foods come to mind.  My fiancé loves raspberry, so I’ve made raspberry cookie sandwiches. And they are good. Better than any box of chocolates.  Rich and smooth and very raspberry.  If you assemble all…

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Chocolate Bars that will Change Your Life

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Happy Halloween!  Time to revolutionize the chocolate bar. These bars turn chocolate into an amazing superfood. They reinvent chocolate as a food group unto itself.  Packed with superfoods…all raw, making them really potent! I was inspired by the $20 chocolate bars made by living libations.  I purchase some essential oils from them, and just had to try the chocolate bar…

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Spiced Chocolate Avocado Pudding

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Depending on how much time you spend in the healthy food blogosphere avocado in a DESSERT might be foreign.  But think about how creamy avocado can be…that’s where it’s magic lies. Not only is it great to throw some avocado into a smoothie for great creamy texture, and healthy fats, but you can make a delicious pudding! Even though I…

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Strawberry Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

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A week and a half ago I went strawberry picking for the first time. Together, Cam and I picked a whole bucket.  It didn’t take very long, actually.  This seemed like a lot of stawberries to us, but we saw many people leaving with 2 buckets per person. This $23 bucket got us pretty far.  Since then I made strawberry…

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Mothers Day DIY’s or, How to Become the Favorite Child

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Sunday is Mother’s Day.  Why not make Mom something super delicious? I’m an only child, so I’ve got no competition here, but if you’ve got siblings, I guarantee that making you Mom some of these may put you at the top of her list.  No joke. You might want to make a double batch, though.  Because it might be your…

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Raspberry Pistachio Chocolate Cups

Raspberry Pistachio Chocolate Cups

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Happy Easter!  Whether you celebrate or not, this is a good weekend to embrace chocolate. These are super, SUPER flavourful, and made of simple, healthy ingredients.  They are a splurge in terms of price, but well worth it. Raspberry and pistachio is a dynamite combination.  Salty, sweet, and a little tangy, all enrobed in dark chocolate.  You’re welcome. I reserved…

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Healthy Macarons

Chocolate Espresso French Macarons

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If you don’t like things that are too sugary sweet, then these are for you.  If you like dark chocolate and coffee, you will love these.  I’d never made maracons before…and though they always look extremely pretty, they’re a little too sweet for me.  Until now. These are super crunchy and delicious!  Just don’t have too many…and don’t have them…

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