Our Story

Shockingly Healthy began in 2013 with a simple dream – the desire to eat dessert every day in a way that’s healthy and empowering, rather than energy zapping, guilt-inducing and waistline-expanding! To most people, this would’ve been just a wish, but to dedicated dessert lover, personal trainer, holistic nutritionist and Shockingly Healthy founder, Lauren Breuer, it was the most delicious possible challenge!

Lauren began by making healthy desserts for her friends, family and personal training clients. She started blogging about her healthy baking experiments, and sharing her knowledge about healthy dessert hacks with the world. Meanwhile, word quickly began to spread like wildfire about the new brownies on the block – the ones that were delicious AND healthy – and soon, Lauren was selling her Shockingly Healthy line all over the GTA.

Today, Shockingly Healthy can be found at over a hundred retailers in the GTA and throughout Ontario, including Whole Foods, Nature’s Emporium, Balzac’s Coffee, Pusateri’s, and many a neighbourhood coffee shop. Shockingly Healthy is proud to bring you delectable desserts that you can always count on to taste amazing, and keep you feeling fit, healthy, and strong!

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