Our Values

At Shockingly Healthy, we stand by a core set of values that guides everything we create:

Taste is our priority. Our products don’t just taste good “for a healthy dessert.” We take pride in the fact that they measure up to the high deliciousness, and sweet satisfaction standards expected from any dessert.

Our products are always whole food based. The main base of our brownie is a puree of whole chickpeas (not chickpea flour), and dates. They combine to make a product that’s as good for your body as it is pleasing to your taste buds.

Sweeteners never come first. We believe that the main ingredients in the products you consume should be the healthiest – so even though we only use natural sweeteners like dates, coconut sugar and unsweetened applesauce, you’ll never find them at the top of our ingredients lists. Best of all, you’ll get to enjoy all the delicious flavours of our products without being overwhelmed by the sweetness of processed sugar. Many of our customers remark that they love that our goods are “just sweet enough”, and “not too sweet”.

We use health promoting ingredients. When you eat a Shockingly Healthy product, your body benefits. Whether it’s from the endorphin release of cocoa, to the metabolism-fuelling effects of coconut oil, the fiber and protein of chickpeas, our product line leaves you feeling great, not guilty.

Our products don’t send you on an energy roller coaster. The amount of protein and fibre in our products helps to curb the glycemic index so your energy remains consistent, with no post-dessert crash. We don’t do the highs and lows of sugar rushes and crashes at Shockingly Healthy.

We only use pronounceable ingredients. If you can’t pronounce it, we don’t think you should put it in your body. Plain and simple.

We believe in eating foods that are as nutrient dense as possible, as often as possible. That’s our magic formula to help you eat dessert on the daily. After all, life’s too short to skip dessert!